PushUps for a Cause

FitWit Nation upturned goal of $3,000 to $16,000….in 90 seconds.

In case you did not hear, the Saturday morning of October 26, Forty-three FitWit’ers gathered together to participate in The FitWit Foundation’s first annual Pushups-for-a-Cause event. Not only did participants bring their energy and muscles, but friends, family, trainers, and kids rallied in through the doors with them as well. After a quick warm-up and discard of coffee mugs, each FitWit location was called in waves. Each wave brought more enthusiasm, excitement, and a small amount of competition. At the sound of, “Go,” participants rapidly began pumping pushups, working as though their life depended on it, as the entourage watched the clock cheered them on. As participants finished, they high five’d one another, recorded their number, and got ready to cheer on the next wave – regardless of the fact they probably didn’t

know the person (due to a different location). It was as though they didn’t care who was coming up behind them because that was not what the event was about. In fact, the event wasn’t even about the number of pushups each individual completed – there was no recognition of who completed the most, despite the fact the numbers were impressive. What participants were thinking about was the fact that their sore throats, arms, and abs that resulted from the day were done for a cause outside themselves – knowing the more pushups they performed equaled more Atlanta High School students being exposed to exercise and character building.

The festivities not only started with a bang but also finished with one as the first ever (“annual” is TBD) FitWit Trainer Games took place right after the pushups, while the pushup money was being calculated. Trainer Games gave campers an opportunity to yell and cheer for their respected trainers that push them through grunting workouts each week. It was chance for the trainers to, “show us what they got,” as campers may say… and the trainers did just that –brining their a-game faces and donning official “camper designed” uniforms, that only enhanced the experience**. Every

trainer from all four locations and FitWit head quarters performed five different events*** that required a variety of exercise components (agility, strength, stamina, speed, power, etc.). While each event took place, campers fervently cheered and filled the gym. Each individual scored points for the team, which collectively was averaged together to celebrate the location with the most points. According to the placing, each location received points towards their standing in the Fall for The Foundation campaign that has been happening during the month of October and November.

The final results of the trainer games concluded with North Druid Hills taking the lead, a close race for second and third place      going to GrantPark and Decatur respectively, Midtown in fourth, and FW Head Quarters in fifth.

Knowing the results of the trainer games would affect the standing for Fall for the Foundation, was awesome. However, what was even more awesome was the announcements that between the 43 people who pumped out pushups for 90 seconds and the ridiculousness that the trainers performed afterwards resulted in raising $16,000 for The FitWit Foundation. It’s amazing what an army of people, like FitWit Nation, is capable of doing when they come together. It was a true example of the community that FitWit Nation has created because of you. The FitWit Foundation is proud and thankful to call each of you a part of our community.


*Hand Release Pushup: When chest touches the ground, both hands are lifted off the floor for a slight second, placed right back, and body in full plank position is fully pushed back up.

**Photos of outfits are available – click here to view.

***Trainer Game events included:

#1: 25 Double Arm Kettlebell Squat (M=50lb W=35lb) followed by as many Pullups as possible

#2: Box Jump (points given according to highest)

#3: Dizzy Bat Relay

#4: Ladder Shuttle Run- increasing in 10m increments

#5: 8 min AMRAP of: 50 Wallballs (20/15), 50 Burpees, 50 D/U