Dear FitWit Family,

Dear FitWit Family,

Wow! “Wow” has become my “Word of 2013” for The FitWit Foundation. (I prefer to say it with both of my hands showing three fingers and my mouth as the ‘o’… try it, I dare you!!)  I have been overwhelmed by the support and enthusiasm The FitWit Foundation received (and continues to receive) from each of you that supports our work of providing free fitness and character developing programs for the young who need it most here in Atlanta.

When interviewing last year, I remember Ben saying, “we have such an amazing community,” multiple times over the phone. I have to admit, I just thought, “ok, that’s cool, everyone thinks their own community is amazing,” I can honestly say, I can’t think of a moment when you, the FitWit community, have never proven Ben wrong. I continue to be dumbfounded by the fact that I can post a request for a needed item on Facebook or camp news and literally, in a matter of minutes, I will have dozens of baked goods, shoes, sports bras, funds for 5k’s, a computer, an iPad, or a silent auction item at the door. This doesn’t even begin to touch on the amounts of time and sweat so many of you gave by attending events that raised money, mentoring students, being a helper at the High Schools, running 5k’s, decorating/setting up/cleaning up for events, connecting us with schools, or helping out at programming… just to name a few. Without all of these things, we would not have been able to raise over $30,000 this past year, which was beyond our 2013 goal, bringing awe and excitement. The funny thing is, YOU are responsible for this. In addition to all the ways mentioned earlier, The FitWit Foundation would not exist if you were not willing to take a risk that required getting outside of your comfort zone and being a part of the FitWit community in some of the craziest sounding workouts (100 burpees time? WTF?!!?) and group socials…. even at 6:00 am, for some of you!! This is truly amazing, this is each one of YOU.

In 2013, The FitWit Foundation ran 4 programs total– one in Decatur HS; two in Maynard Jackson HS, and one at the Oakhurst B&G club; ran 3 5k’s with students; and worked with a total of 103 students. A couple of other highlights of the year included being named a Public Health Hero by Partner Up! for Public Health as well as being recognized as an approved after school fitness program by The Georgia SHAPE health initiative. A big change made this past year was creating FitWit Club, which is more of a curriculum-based model, implemented in the same manner as a typical High School club. The FitWit Foundation trains and support school staff in implementing FitWit Club into their own schools. Moving to this model allows us to leverage our program, connecting with a greater number of schools and students here in Atlanta.

So what does 2014 look like for The FitWit Foundation? We started off the year with our first advisor training on January 10, training three teachers to lead FitWit Club at their schools. (Photos and more details on this to come!!) FitWit Club will be running in 3 schools this spring and 4 schools in the fall. Each club exposes students not involved in sports to a variety of exercise, teambuilding, and character development through self reflection, community service, and goal setting. We are excited for another year that will push us to extend beyond our goals and wildest dreams, as we inspire youth to do the same.
We are truly grateful for all the ways you made 2013 a huge success and all the ways you continue to support our mission of providing free fitness and character developing programs to you the young who need it most here in Atlanta. None of this would be possible without YOU. Check out all the many ways you can continue to support us in reaching our goal of having FitWit Club in 25 schools in the next 5 years… Dream Big!! Thank you for a WOW 2013 year, and a BAM of a start to 2014!

In Gratitude,