Our History

In 2005, husband and wife team Josh and Erin Guerrieri taught and coached in the city schools of Atlanta. Besides a lack of resources in the schools, what was most alarming was the absence of a positive peer community.  For anyone growing up playing sports, this community is familiar – teammates and coaches that encourage you, push you, count on you and believe in you.  But what if you didn’t play a sport? Out of luck and out of community?  Josh and Erin sought to fill this gap by offering their students a gathering space to do a little fitness, make new friends, have fun, and experience things they never dreamed were possible.

While Josh and Erin provided programs for their students, they also began molding adult fitness camps throughout the city of Atlanta.  These early fitness camps evolved into what is now the groundbreaking FitWit® training program devoted to variety, community, and measured progress for all fitness levels. As FitWit grew, Josh and Erin aspired to remain true to their original vision of helping underserved students be healthy and successful. In 2008, with the help of friend and former college teammate, Ben Thoele,  The FitWit Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, was born.