Business Sponsor Highlight of the Week: Condition Kettlebell Gym

Many FitWit trainers rely on Delaine Ross, owner of Condition Kettlebell Gym, for her kettlebell expertise when questions about perfecting the Turkish Get-up arise. Condition Kettlebell Gym, a kettlebell and bodyweight training boutique gym, who opened 7 years ago in Old Fourth Ward at Studioplex is also a wonderful supporter of The FitWit Foundation, which we are very grateful for. The instructors at Condition Kettlebell Gym are known for their intense focus on making sure members do things correctly, effectively, and efficiently, ensuring injury prevention and great success….another reason why we like them!

In case you are curious about the benefits of kettlebell training, Delaine shared with us the main benefits:

  • It develops strength and lean muscles
  • It requires a minimal time investment – 3 times a week for 45 minutes is ideal for most people
  • It’s about well rounded strength, cardio, and mobility – all at the same time – so you not only look better, but move and feel better as well!

Condition’s classes are designed for all fitness levels – from the absolute beginner to the elite athlete.  The only difference is that people of different levels pick up different weights.  They are true to making members feel comfortable, confident, and reach their goals with a minimal time investment. For the most effective results, they recommend their 45min classes 3 times / week. In addition to the multiple classes they offer daily, Delaine also has some DVD’s and online classes to master that Goblet squat.

Check out their class schedule online: to check them out – be sure to give them a high five for their support of The FitWit Foundation!