CONGRATULATIONS to… HALF of the 2010 Freshman Class?!?!


I feel that in May, even more than in January, many endings, beginnings, and celebrations take place – particularly for students and parents. As The

“Due to more schooling, and thus increased money earned include healthier food, better medical care and health insurance, more education, and better housing in safer neighborhoods”(1) research shows how a high school diploma impacts health, but what about the reversal? How does a student’s health impact the likelihood of high school graduation?

FitWit Foundation wrapped up programming this past week, there were some sad farewells to a few students who have been FitWit Cub regulars for the past two years. This is a lot of time we spent together – allowing us to see them in a variety of circumstances and moods, as you would your own family. It has been awesome to watch many of them grow into maturity and to now hear about their dreams, desires, and plans for after High School. The cafeteria that was filled with chatter about prom and graduation today, as I began to wonder what the graduation rate of Atlanta Public Schools was. I was astonished to learn that in 2012, the graduation rate was 50.87%. This is a frightening – considering high school graduation rates are a barometer for the future workforce skill level of American Society.

I believe the diagram North Carolina Public schools had in their study entitled, “Exploring the Relationship between Healthful Living and Graduation Rates (2),” explains it best. 

 This very simple diagram shows the big picture of how The FitWit Foundation’s work of providing free fitness programs that build strength and develop character for the young people who need it most impacts them. Although it is a benefit, our mission is not fighting Childhood Obesity. We recognize the lasting impact that Physical and Mental Health has on a student.






= More educated and skilled future      workforce = Safer Neighborhoods, Healthier Foods, Better Health Insurance and Medical Care




Interesting how just one small addition at the end of the diagram reveals how building strength and develop character for the young people who need it most will impact you personally and directly in your future. Having only 50.87% of the future workforce possess a high school diploma?  Yikes! That must change. The desire to have a future with safer neighborhoods, healthier foods, better health insurance and medical care should be enough motivation to get kids out and moving! Join us in doing so!