Fitness Transformations at DHS

The Foundation just completed another successful six week fitness camp at Decatur High School on Friday April 1st. This was truly a camp that lead both teens and teachers/staff to some new levels of fitness; in fact, “transformations” was the word some of the teens chose to use for the camp experience!

Decatur High School is such a strong partner for the Foundation and the energy and commitment to the camp ran the course of the entire six weeks.

So many great supporters made this camp possible- including incredible interns, FitWit trainers, DHS administrators, Decatur teachers, Josh and Erin and many more. Thanks to the entire team!

Pictured with Ben and Michelle is the teen “OVERALL CAMP WINNER”; Thanishia B. age 16 and a first-time attender to FitTeens. Thanishia improved her overall fitness ability by 51% in six weeks!