FitWit Club

“…it’s really more about building self confidence in the teens, making them feel better about themselves, physically and mentally.  You take for granted how even just that little boost in self confidence will produce a life long  change.”          – Kevin Gillespie, Chef and Owner of Gunshow and supporter of The FitWit Foundation.  

FitWit Club gives students a sense of belonging as well as opportunity to experience first-hand the powerful benefits physical activity has on one’s wellbeing.  FitWit Club is a school club for students not involved in sports that provides students free access to dynamic workouts, character development, and community service. The fitness program is designed to accommodate all fitness levels in a non-competitive environment.  The FitWit Foundation sponsors all FitWit Clubs, providing school club advisors (typically a school staff member) with curriculum, annual training, stipends (when available), and continual support for the program and participants.  The advisor curriculum includes detailed club meeting plans, student journals, guest fitness instructors, planning guides, and all the necessary tools to execute a successful FitWit Club.