“Why Kids Not Involved in Sports?”


        When sharing the TFWF story with others, they sometimes ask, “Why does The FitWit Foundation focus specifically on students not involved in sports?” My response is always, “did you play sports growing up? How do you think playing sports in your youth has impacted your life as an adult today?”  I never get an answer anything more than a contemplative look. The answer to “Why kids not involved in sports?” may be obvious, until you try to put it into words. I know what you may be thinking, but no, our answer is not, “look how many obese kids we have.”

       According to the CDC, youth ages 6-17 should be getting at least one hour of physical activity every day. Atlanta high school students are required to take a Physical Education (PE) course one semester of their 4-year high school career. So how do youth get their recommended daily physical activity for the remaining 7 semester of their high school careers? Some play sports and others may play outside or be self motivated to be active, but a large number of students are missing any daily physical activity, as you may imagine. The number of students not being physically active is a problem; rather than blame anyone for this, The FitWit Foundation is solving it.

        FitWit Club creates a non-competitive environment, which is more appealing to students not involved in sports. At FitWit Club, students are exposed to workouts that allow for improvement day by day. As students improve and see success each day, they develop an inner competition as well as a love for physical activity, that perhaps they did not believe existed. This inner competition and desire for improvement is result of habit and discipline, which transfers into student’s daily lives at home and school.

           The desire for self improvement as a result of habit and discipline is what I am getting at when I answer the initial question of “why kids not involved in sports?” with “How do you think playing sports in your youth has impacted you as an adult?” By focusing on students not involved in sports is how I believe we fulfill our mission statement of, providing free fitness programs that build strength and develop character for the young who need it most, every single day.