Business Sponsor Highlight of the Week: Inman Park Dentistry.

Looking for a dentist is somewhat like looking for a car mechanic. – you want to ask friends for suggestions on where to go. We can speak from personal experience that Inman Park Dentistry, located in the heart of Inman Park, is one of those places you get excited to tell your friends about after visiting. Not only do they do a superb job shining those pearly whites of yours, but they also provide all aspects of general dentistry, including digital X-rays, periodontal therapy, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, tooth-colored fillings, ceramic crowns, one-visit bleaching, root-canal therapy, as well as consultations, second opinions, and support to The FitWit Foundation.

IPDentistry       So you may not find that last option on their list of services, but as a supporter of The FitWit Foundation, they believe in our mission; recognizing that many children today lack the knowledge and resources to create a healthy lifestyle and TFWF is the key in getting them started on the right track (Their words, not ours!! Pretty awesome!). Dr. Rodriguez and his wife used to be members of FitWit Grant Park before taking on ownership of Inman Park Dentistry. His vast range of interests and hobbies leave you wanting to talk the whole time he is inspecting your teeth (we advise you to not try this). A couple other reasons (if we haven’t listed enough) why we love Inman Park Dentistry:

What makes your product/service unique?
We believe beautiful smiles begin with a focus on comfort, function, and aesthetics. All of our fillings and crowns are metal-free for beauty, strength, and safety. We are here to help you maintain your oral health for a lifetime, and strive to educate our patients in understanding the cause of dental disease and how it can be treated or prevented in order to minimize the dental work you may need through the years.

How do you like to be known by your customers?

Dr. Rodriguez’ philosophy stresses “minimally invasive dentistry”, utilizing modern procedures to implement practical solutions for functional, long-lasting, and beautiful dental work.  But above all else, he strives to provide top-quality service in a caring and supportive environment, because when you are comfortable, he can more easily work with you to maintain your optimum oral health!

Any fun facts about your company/business owners?Alex

Dr. Rodriguez is an avid cyclist who commutes daily to work on his bike. He is a big part of the Atlanta cycling community, and Inman Park Dentistry is an official sponsor of the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition.  Dr. Rodriguez is also a part-time artist with multiple public art installations along the Atlanta BeltLine.


Thank you, Inman Park Dentistry, for your support to The FitWit Foundation. 

Give Inman Park Dentistry a visit.