What a Great Spring Semester We Had!

The FitWit Foundation (TFWF) is pleased with the success of the three FitWit Clubs that were held at Maynard H. Jackson High School (MHJ), Atlanta Neighborhood Charter School (ANCS), and Renfroe Middle School (RMS) this past spring semester.

“[My daughter] loved it and has been feeling really good about herself since she started,” said one parent of her daughter’s participation in FitWit Club.

Among the three schools, 63 students were exposed to FitWit Club and a total of 72 hours of after school workouts were conducted this past semester. Students also participated in two community 5k’s and experienced a variety of exercise forms including Zumba, Aikido, yoga, kettlebells, and circuit from 11 different guest instructors who volunteered their time.

TFWF is excited to continue expanding and getting closer our goal of having FitWit Club in 25 schools by 2018. Thank you for your FitWit membership and being a part of the FitWit community, as both allow for us to grow!

What is The FW Foundation up to over the summer?


Kids are out of school and the temperature is high, which has many people asking, “so what do you do over the summer?” During the school year, we are in full-time program mode, which means summer time quickly gets filled with preparing materials for the next year of FitWit Club, reaching out to more schools about FW Club, planning fundraisers, along with other daily operational tasks!  Each month, we are also offering a couple of workout opportunities for FW Club members to attend. With all of these items going on, we would love some help!

We are looking for a volunteer who is competent in social media, able to commit to helping us out with social media for 6 months, asking no more than 1-2 hours per week. If interested/able, please email: megan@fitwit.com