Meet Jenade!

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Jenade enjoying a post workout celebration with the students at Maynard Jackson.

Jenade has been working hard this summer as our Summer Program Coordinator. Jenade joined us as a GSU Exercise Science Intern this past January. Inspired to continue working with our students, she accepted the position of being our Summer Program Coordinator at the beginning of May. She has done a great job leading the summer programs and ensuring success at each club location.



Get to know Jenade a little bit better with our Q&A:


What inspired you to be an Exercise Science major?
Being active has always been important to me. Majoring in Exercise Science was the best way to share it with others.

Favorite Exercise:
Star Jumps; mostly because I enjoy screaming “I’m a STAR!”

Favorite part of internship:
My favorite part was visiting Maynard Jackson students at lunch. It really helped me get to know the students better.

Best FitWit Club experience so far:
Best FitWit Club experience was taking the students to Skyzone. It was awesome seeing all the smiles and flips! I even got to join in on the fun!

Any valuable lessons you have learned in your role?
Being an effective leader is tough without building relationships and

What would you share with future interns working with The FitWit Foundation?
Sometimes you will walk into situations that aren’t what you expected or prepared for, feel confident in what you are doing and don’t be afraid to switch up the plan.