Student Spotlight

IMG_7327Ross was a first time FitWit Club member at Renfroe Middle School this past spring semester. We loved seeing him grow, experience success, and gain confidence during his FitWit Club. Thus, our reason for making him our Student Spotlight feature. A couple of reflections he shared with us from his experience:

Describe a time you felt successful at FitWit.   “Before I was at FitWit I had a hard time doing 15 pushups. After I joined FitWit I was able to do 20 pushups. It made me feel proud that I can do 20 pushups.”

What was your favorite part about FitWit? 
“My favorite part of FitWit was yoga. That’s because it was the most fun exercise.”

What did FitWit Club do for you?
“FitWit helped me make more friends than I had before. It was easy to make friends when you are sharing the experience of exercising with other people.”