Business sponsor of the week: Zifty

Not only will you find Jenn Pete busting her butt at FitWit Grant Park 9am class, but did you know she is also co-owner of Zifty?  Yes, that’s right, she is responsible for those cars/vans with yellow signs that you see running all over town bringing goodness to your front door. A few fun highlights we learned about Jenn and Zifty’s dedication to their customers and the community. We are thankful to have such a great company as a sponsor of The FitWit Foundation. 


What products/service does Zifty provide? is a web-based delivery company. We deliver everything from DVD rentals, games, food, and more to you in about an hour or less between the hours of 11am and midnight. (i.e.: They take traffic, gasoline, and crowds out of the image you hold of enjoying your favorite meal at your favorite restaurant.)


How old is Zifty?                                                                                   

Zifty launched in 2003.


Where are you located?                                                                    

Right nowAtlanta. We will be in new markets in 2015.


What makes your product/service unique?                                 

 Zifty is unique in that we partner with locally owned restaurants and brands. We love the idea of great neighborhood restaurants who don’t offer delivery to do so with us. From Bantam & Biddy to Mezcalitos to great brands we carry like King of Pops and Holeman & Finch baked goods. We are always adding new partners. The other key part is that we really focus on delivering experience- from the ease of site, the real time tracking we developed and touches like handwritten cards.


How do you like to be known by your customers?                       

 We like to be known for delivering! From being on time, to providing lots of access in customer support, to building an amazing team who really cares about and loves what they do.

Side note: We found how one customer describes Zifty: “I can also see it as a dream come true for when I’m huddled under the covers sick with the flu or a cold, and Zifty-ing NyQuil, magazines and a cupcake from Chocolate Pink.”


Any fun facts about your company/business owners?                 

The way my business partner, Todd Miller, and I met is pretty unique. We actually met thru the classifieds in Creative Loafing. He was getting his PHD at Georgia Tech and created Zifty as almost a project to prove online delivery could work. This was post bust of Webvan and Kosmo. He was looking for his first driver and I had just made the corporate leap. We met after I applied to be a driver. I had an insane gut feeling when I saw the landing page for Zifty. So Driver #1 and Driver #2 is what we became and we actually still have those titles on our business cards today. Zifty is now a team of over 90 and we continue to grow by over 30% each year.

Full-time business owner, mother, and lady of style.....


How are you connected to The FitWit Foundation / FitWit?   

Fitwit is my personal daily dose of challenge, comradery, and actually letting someone else tell me what to do. To say I love it doesn’t do it justice. That’s largely due to my 9am Grant Park crew, the trainers but most of all Stacy. The fact that it also feeds into an amazing foundation just makes it that much more fantastic.


What inspired you to be a sponsor for Pushup Throwdown 2014?   

Sponsoring an event like Pushup Throwdown directly impacts kids who rely on the foundation for fitness and healthy influences. It feels good and it does good. I don’t think it gets much better than that.