Alternative Apparel’s Commitment to Supporting Communities Goes Beyond their Basic T.

We all have those shirts that you put on and can’t help but say, “I feel good!” due to the way they feel and fit. However, sometimes it takes years to get to that “feel good” state…. unless they are from Alternative Apparel. After years of creating and crafting proprietary fabrics that are vintage, soft,  Alternative Apparel nails it with their soft, ready for anything clothing, that doesn’t require “aging”.

Founded in 1995, originally as Alternative Headwear, (there must be a good story behind that!), company headquarters landed in Norcross, GA. They are still there, but thanks to technology, you can find Alternative Apparel wherever you are. Their design lab and showrooms are in Los Angeles and New York City, respectively. You may also drop into one of their stores in San Francisco, New York, or Los Angeles.

Alternative Apparel’s products go beyond the basic T, they make soft, simple, mostly sustainable fashion basics for men and women. We are particularly fond of their brand new Move line designed for active lifestyles.

Not only are we incredibly thankful for Alternative Apparel’s amazingly comfortable and sustainable clothing but also for their commitment to empowering communities to move differently. We are thankful for their sponsorship to The FitWit Foundation’s Pushup Throwdown event. Grant Park FitWitter, Heike Casson, is an employee of Alternative Apparel, who was very instrumental in bringing Alternative on as a sponsor for our recent Pushup Throwdown event, which we are very thankful for.

When asked why they were willing to be a sponsor to TFWF, their response of, “We believe in Moving Differently, from the way we make our products to the communities we support. The FitWit Foundation is the embodiment of that!” made us like them even more.

Thank you, Alternative Apparel!