Dates Set for FitTeens at M.H. Jackson High School

We’re getting pumped for our next FitTeens program at M.H. Jackson High School. This will be our 7th program at Jackson and the first program of our new model. The new model includes a weekend retreat to kick-off the program and two seasons of FitTeens at the same school in one school year. Bottom line: we are increasing our our contact time with the kids to over 100 hours–more than 4 times our previous FitTeens programs! (Locations for retreat and banquet are still TBD, but the prospects are super cool!)

Retreat: Sat/Sun 10-11 Sep
First Day of Camp: Mon, 12 Sep
Last Day of Camp: Fri, 21 Oct
Banquet: Sat, 22 Oct

We’re looking for volunteers for any and all FitTeens activities. Hit up Michelle Woods ( for more info.