FitTeens Winners at GHS

The FitWit Foundation (TFF) proudly announces the Most Improved Fitness winner of its Spring 2011 FitTeens fitness competition at Grady High School (GHS). The Most Improved Fitness winner, Tyler Booker, age 16, improved her total fitness ability by an impressive 50.1%. Booker is one of 32 students and 13 faculty and staff members of GHS who attended a six-week fitness camp from 14 April to 20 May 2011. The camp, provided by TFF, consisted of four one-hour group workout sessions each week led by certified fitness trainers.

(L-R) Benjamin Thoele, Director of The FitWit Foundation Director; Tyler Booker, Grady HS Student and FitTeens Most Improved Fitness Winner; Michelle Woods, FitTeens Program Director

Booker even impressed herself with her accomplishments. “I can’t believe I did that,” says Booker, “It went by so fast, so I can’t believe I got better so quickly—and I have never seen or tried most of the exercises we did! My family is so proud of me and asks me to show them exercises now.” Booker, a junior, plans to base her senior project presentation on the subject of developing fitness next semester.

Taylor Booker, Tyler’s twin sister, also participated in the FitTeens program. Taylor earned the coveted Camper of the Week award at the halfway point of the program for having perfect weekly attendance, a great attitude, and exhibiting outstanding effort.

The FitWit Foundation also awarded Kim Carr, school nurse at GHS, the Educator Leadership Award for exemplifying the fit lifestyle, exceptional participation and commitment to the program.

(L-R) Michelle Woods, FitTeens Program Director; Nurse Kim Carr, Grady HS School Nurse and Recipient of The FitWit Foundation Educator Leadership Award; Benjamin Thoele, Director of The FitWit Foundation

The FitTeens program promotes a noncompetitive environment where fitness can be fun. The objectives of the program are to develop the habits and mindset of personal development, continuous improvement, goal setting; increase participant fitness abilities by an average of 25%; develop skill mastery in four basic exercises (push-up, sit-ups, squats, and jump rope), and gain exposure to a variety of fitness activities; associate fitness activity with fun, and average greater than 3.5 hours of fitness activity per week per participant.

All FitTeens participants improved their performances in each exercise markedly, but Booker achieved the greatest overall improvement across all exercises. As a whole, the group improved their fitness ability by an average of 39.8%.

Spring 2011 FitTeens Participants at Grady High School