Student Success Story!

When I was cc’d on this email I knew I had to share it. It’s from Erin to Michelle regarding a former student of Erin’s turned FitTeen at Grady HS. The origins of FitTeens can be seen in Erin’s “Fit for Life” (catchy title!) class when she taught middle school.

Hey Michelle –

I just wanted to pass along a really sweet message I received from a parent of one of my former students. I taught J. at Atlanta Charter Middle School when she was in 6th and 7th grade, and she was really on the road to unhealthiness. I remember her being such a sweet and committed girl, but her confidence was SUPER low because of her physical appearance. When I incorporated some FitWit style stuff into the Fit for Life class, J. dove in head first and committed 100%. She LOVED it. Unfortunately, she always seemed to suffer from injuries common to those who don’t exercise regularly (ankle sprains, etc.), but she never gave up. I keep in touch with her mom via Facebook and got this message this morning:

“Just wanted to tell you that J. is loving your Fitwit program at Grady, she lost about 100lbs in the last 14 months, and it is helping her finish the process of toning up. Josh real has a great business!” – M.

She also attached a picture of J. from about 3 months ago, which I guess only makes sense to me because I knew her before she lost all the weight. She looks fabulous…and, best of all, really happy!

Just wanted to pass it along! Tell J. that Ms. Guerrieri sends a big hug and a “congratulations!”

:) Erin

Erin Guerrieri
The FitWit Foundation